Terracciano, the Family and the Group

When putting roots in a business, the outcome cannot be neither short-lived nor mediocre. With us, handshakes still mean something. Welcome to the Terracciano Family.

10 April


This is the starting point

Tgroup started here: the story of the evolution of a Group inextricably bound with the story of a family, to the point that one cannot exist without the other.

In these years, the company has achieved constant growth, establishing excellent relationships with the productive and institutional fabric within which it operates. Today, sophisticated clients seek out partnerships with Tgroup.

The Terracciano Group

This Group remains the extension of a family. We have always had a direct and continuous contact with our clients to build a long-term relationship based on trust. However, the behaviour we adopted was certainly not the result of marketing processes! This is our work method, which to this day allows us to grow. Continue to invest in relations.


The 25 years of the Group

1989 – 2014. This milestone has not been only a number. It also was not a beginning nor an end, but an occasion to look around to see what we built. Our first 25 years were celebrated as they deserved, with people of worth. An auspicious event for the future of the company.