The distribution of goods is green

Speedy and environmental-friendly deliveries.
Tgroup’s distribution model, increasingly better organized and focused on reducing environmental impacts.

Distribuzione merci

Anywhere in green way

Tgroup distributes using hybrid-technology vehicles, recognizable by the “green” logo and the Anywhere in green way payoff which identify the distribution sector, a specific division of the company.

Innovative, technologically in the forefront and at the same time safe, the Tgroup electric vehicles, used by all branch offices for last-mile distribution ensure both speedy delivery and environmental friendliness.

Distribuzione merci in aree urbane
Distribuzione merci in tutta Italia
Distribuzione merci in zone eco pass

Not only vehicles in motion to move goods and materials but a network of men and women, infrastructures and strategies to convey the right product to the right place, in the right time. In an integrated vision of the logistic supply chain, transport must be seen in a wider context which terminates in a physical goods distribution process.

Strengthening national services

The needs of the market, also dictated by new business models, have made it increasingly more necessary to manage a closely-knit network covering the entire country, instead of a network distinguished by just a few destinations for large quantities.

Distribution and related transport activities provide all their effectiveness within a radius of just a few kilometres, i.e., those which separate last storage from client delivery.

Urban distribution of goods

Tgroup’s distribution service makes use of a network of directly-controlled branch offices. From here, hybrid-technology vehicles depart for last-mile distribution.
The new hybrid-technology vehicles deliver inside controlled traffic zones, in hard-to-reach areas, in time slots when access is restricted to determinate categories of vehicles or vehicles subject to controlled-access procedures.