Outsourcing Logistics

Tgroup has been equipped to offer logistica in outsourcing solutions for quite some time.

Logistica in outsourcing

Outsourcing logistics operations

Outsourcing the complete warehouse management to increasingly specialised companies is a response to strategic choices within companies. Companies who become increasingly aware that integrating logistics operators in the production chain as partners, creating flexible teams with result-oriented businesses, leads to a performance increase. Opportunities can manifest only from mutual collaboration: supplier operations, transport operations and warehouse operations in a single functional unit.

Partnership with Valbona

The relationship with Valbona is also significant: Valbona has been a canning industry specialist since 1962, for Italian and foreign large-scale retail, producing 36 million cans a year, with which Tgroup has started a 360° collaboration.
Starting from an analytical and strategic approach, in addition to transport within Italy, Valbona has outsourced its logistics – i.e. all the handling of goods, the management, the personnel inherited by the company and the new employees put in place-,to the point of entrusting its entire logistical management to Tgroup.
The service provided to Valbona is a form of total collaboration because Tgroup does not only deal with logistics in a narrow sense, but studies the best solutions for the client with the client.

Valbona finds in Tgroup a unique partner.

Logistics requires specific professionalism.”
Cristina Marchetti ­ General Manager of Valbona