Security, real-time control and privacy protection

An aspect that has a fundamental role in the choice of a transport and logistic operator is certainly the security factor, both during transport and during the freight storage phase.

The presence in the company of personnel that is specifically in charge of monitoring goods on the road and a full-time surveillance system of its own logistics facilities make Tgroup a reliable and secure company.

Real time controls

Tgroup uses Cartià Fleet Manager – developed by NVENTA Software – to detect the location of its moving vehicles, an application for the management of company fleets equipped with latest generation GPS detection devices.

The Cartià system provides the exact position of the vehicles conducting deliveries in real time, allowing any problems to be detected promptly, for the necessary procedures to be taken.


Anti-jammer is a security counter-measure to combat strategies of criminal organisations, increasingly updated and equipped with functional attacking techniques.

Tgroup uses anti-jammer devices to detect electromagnetic waves generated by the jammer, which criminal organisations use to eliminate/isolate, blocking even the most sophisticated satellite systems.

Vanini Scale compliance

The security of freight transport is ensure by compliance with the Vanini Scale (analysis of the satellite alarm and control systems used, writing of the safety regulations in the transport contracts, periodic verification of the level of security applied).

Tgroup’s vehicles respond to the security requirements of the Vanini Scale, and are placed on band
III-IIIA-IIIB of the Scale.

Joint responsibility in handling the goods

An important aspect in entrusting goods is their security. Tgroup provides a secure service that responds to the need of the client to have more guarantees associated with transport. Indeed, thanks to its own vehicles and staff Tgroup spares the client any worries by guaranteeing the joint responsibility in the handling of goods.