Tgroup, your partner for shipping and logistics

From a small self-employed business run by the Terracciano Family and started nearly 30 years ago to multimodal and multi-specialist logistics operator.

Corriere espresso e logistica integrata

Small packages, full containers, dry or perishable goods are all covered, even the transport of dangerous goods and exceptional and special transport. The network is structured in such a way as to be able to interface with any distribution channel, be it Ho.Re.Ca, Normal Trade, G.D. or D.O..
Tgroup spares the client any worries by guaranteeing the joint responsibility in the handling of goods. Tgroup does not let its client’s goods be handled by third parties, there are no intermediate steps. Between clients and us there are only the goods.
Applications and software for the management of the vehicle fleet provide the exact position of each vehicle in real time. The safety investments by Tgroup respond to the need to detect preventively any possible transport problems.
Those who choose Tgroup know they can rely on a company that favours a direct relationship with the client, without intermediaries. This is a fundamental aspect for companies whose privacy is a necessity, due to the nature of the company itself and due to the nature of the goods.
At each stage, Tgroup guarantees the necessary flexibility required by the production world in these times. Flexibility means being close to the needs of the client, and, even better, moving towards them, aiming for a service that becomes increasingly suited to its needs.
Tgroup has been operating on the international market for quite some time. Currently, its main target markets in Europe are England and Germany. But its vision is aimed at covering all the main markets. The horizon? The World!

Today, Tgroup is a modern and innovative company offering a complete set of services and infrastructures for transport and logistics of any type of goods on pallet or in packages, through a specific distribution network supported by IT and management, allowing us to reach destinations in Italy and Europe with our own vehicles, with various capacities and loads.

An ideal contact to satisfy complex and diversified needs through a structured network, able to relate with any distribution channel, be it Ho.Re.Ca, Normal Trade, G.D. or D.O., allowing Tgroup to operate with very high standards on any link of the chain, tackling the pressing rhythms of the business without problems.

The company offers a service that starts from the collection of the raw material from the client’s warehouses, ensuring the storage of goods in secure and organised warehouses, moves on to processing of the material to the preparation for picking and dispatch of the pallet or package to its destination, with real-time control and tracking service.

Corriere espresso e servizi logisticiTgroup has large warehouses located in strategic sorting areas in Italy and Europe. These structures, spread in a capillary fashion in proximity of commercial areas, favour the exchange of goods between different transport systems. Currently, it has as many as 18 platforms for storage, logistics and distributions, covering a total surface area of around 150,000 Sq m.

The objective is to provide the company with unique features. One above all is that Tgroup spares the client any worries by guaranteeing the joint responsibility in the handling of goods, a secure service that responds to the need to offer more transport guarantees.

The company operates with a sustainable growth outlook, and investments are all aimed in this direction. Tgroup looks to the future.