Secure transport in Italy and Europe

Equipped with its own vehicles for national and international transport for various types of goods, Tgroup is the ideal partner to satisfy complex and diversified needs.

Trasporti nazionali e internazionali

National transport

Through a thick distribution network covering the entire Italian peninsula, Tgroup is organised for the collection and distribution within every individual province in every Italian region with a complete knowledge of the local territory, ensuring rapid deliveries.

International transpor

Tgroup guarantees the coverage of most thanks to solid partnerships with the main retail networks, to infrastructures and technologies that are able to overcome great distances.

Express courier for pallets/packages

The most complete solution for services of collection and delivery of goods on pallets/packages, with no weight restrictions, in 24/48/72 hrs, across the entire country. Every shipment is managed electronically with a track & trace service.

Full truck load (FTL) transport

FTL (Full Truck Load) transport, also known as full load, is an option by which the vehicle is dedicated entirely to a single load, allow a high percentage of customization, short times, exclusivity of the vehicle and, first and foremost, optimised costs for the client with great quantities of materials to dispatch.

Groupage ­ Less Than Truck Load (LTL) transport

The groupage service, known as LTL (Less Than Truck Load) otherwise known as partial load, groups small quantities of pallets that do not occupy the entire vehicle, combining them with other loads. The ideal solution for those who must transport small batches of goods and appealing from the economic saving perspective and reduced environmental impact.

Types of goods

From dry to fresh, Tgroup transports and delivers with vehicles that are suited to various types of goods.

Trasporto alimentare

Perishable / non-perishable food products

The transport of perishable (ATP) and non-perishable food products, in compliance with HACCP regulations concerning food hygiene and safety, which governs food product goods.

Trasporto non food


The non-food sector is varied and always evolving: textiles, footwear and accessories, beverages, paper and cardboard, mechanical/automotive, spare parts, tyres, dangerous goods and chemicals, publishing materials, documental management…

Trasporto mangimi e prodotti zootecnici

Animal feeds and livestock products

Tgroup deals also with the transport, logistics and storage of animal feed and livestock products in pallets.

Trasporto merci a temperatura controllata

ATP transport

Perishable foods to be transported at a controlled temperature and the temperatures at which refrigerated transport needs to be carried out.

Trasporto alimentare deperibile

ADR transport

Dangerous goods on road: flammable, corrosive, toxic and any other good in the ADR classification. All drivers have an ADR licence and they are keep up to date through internal training.

Transport is carried out with our own vehicles and staff

When entrusting goods, an increasing number of guarantees is sought in relation to transport, an aspect that takes on a fundamental relevance in the choice of operator. Tgroup provides a secure service because it spares the client any worries thanks to its own vehicles and staff.